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Our research at the Krishnaswamy Lab focuses on applying machine learning methods to high-throughput high dimensional biological data. Our research projects aim to study and develop algorithmic approaches to naturally process data, visualize it, understand progressions, find phenotypic diversity, and infer patterns.  Below are our key research areas and priorities, along with some relevant projects:


Unsupervised Deep Learning

Manifold Learning and Data Geometry

Diffusion Maps, MAGICPHATE

Graph Signal Processing and Filtering

Information Theory and Gene Logic

Single-Cell, High-Throughput, and High-Dimensional Data

Single-cell RNA sequencing (e.g. 10x genomics) 


Biological Systems

Developmental (Embryoid Bodies, Brain organoids, Mouse Brain, Hematopoiesis)

Immunology (Dengue, Zika, HIV, Cancer Immunotherapy, Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes)

Cancer (EMT, Immunotherapy)

Latest Preprints


Gigante S, Charles AS, Krishnaswamy S, Mishne G. Visualizing the PHATE of Neural Networks. arXiv:1908.02831 [cs.LG]. 2019 Aug 7.

Burkhardt DB*, Stanley JS*, Pertigoto AL, Gigante S, Herold KC, Wolg G, Giraldez A, van Dijk D, Krishnaswamy S. Enhancing experimental signals in single-cell RNA-sequencing data using graph signal processing. bioRxiv Bioinformatics. 2019 Jan 28.

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Amodio M, van Dijk D, Montgomery R, Wolf G, Krishnaswamy S. Out-of-Sample Extrapolation with Neuron Editing. 2018 May 30. arXiv:1805.12198 [q-bio.QM]. 2018 May 30.

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Amodio M*, van Dijk D*, Srinivasan K*, Chen WS, Mohsen H, Moon KR, Campbell A, Zhao Y, Wang X, Venkataswamy M, Desai A, Ravi V, Kumar P, Montgomery R, Wolf G, Krishnaswamy S. Exploring Single-Cell Data with Deep Multitasking Neural Networks. bioRxiv Bioinformatics. 2017 Dec 17.

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Selected Publications


Gigante S*, van Dijk D*, Moon KR, Strzalkowski A, Wolf G, Krishnaswamy S. Modeling Global Dynamics from Local Snapshots with Deep Generative Neural Networks. Sampling Theory and Applications. 2019 Jul.

Gigante S*, Stanley JS*, Vu N, van Dijk D, Moon KR, Wolf G, Krishnaswamy S. Compressed Diffusion. Sampling Theory and Applications. 2019 Jul.

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Design, Analysis and Test of Logic Circuits Under Uncertainty

Krishnaswamy S, Markov IL and Hayes, JP. Springer, 2013.