4. Information Theory and Gene Logic


3. Manifold Learning and Data Geometry


5. Single-Cell, High-Throughput, and High-Dimensional Data

  • Single-cell RNA sequencing (e.g. 10x genomics)
  •  CyTOF

6. Biological Systems

  • Developmental (e.g. Embryoid Bodies, Brain organoids, Mouse Brain, Hematopoiesis)
  • Immunology (e.g. Dengue, Zika, HIV, Cancer Immunotherapy, Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes)
  • Cancer (e.g EMT, Immunotherapy)

Selected Publications



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Design, Analysis and Test of Logic Circuits Under Uncertainty. 2014

Authors: Krishnaswamy, Smita, Markov, Igor L., Hayes, John P.